Governance Consulting, Education, and Advising

An effective board is a lever for improving performance and an essential collaborator for providing quality oversight. For the board members, a governance intervention increases the capacity of the board to perform its functions. For the executive director, a well-functioning board enhances your ability to lead and manage the organization.

I provide individual consultations, educational and training seminars, policy documents, and more. At the end of the intervention, the board will be better able to help the organization achieve its mission, sustain itself, and grow.

Helping to Meet Your ChallengE

I help you by creating:

  • a strategy for recruiting new board members

  • an improved on-boarding process for new board members

  • a process for the board to assess progress towards its goals

  • a more deeply educated board

  • more productive and engaging board meetings

  • key governance documents and policies

  • and many more pieces that contribute to effective governance

How do we work together? Services Offered


  • Stand-alone consultations (single session or ongoing) with the Executive Director, Board Chairperson, Committee Chairperson, or a combination of board members and senior managers. We dialogue about the challenge(s) you are facing and construct a way forward.

Education and Training Seminars

  • Workships and presentations for the full board or a committee about a particular topic, such as:

    • Understanding board and management roles and responsibilities

    • Succeeding as a new board member

    • Working effectively with the executive director

    • Ethical leadership

    • Creating a high-performance board

Policy Writing, Review & Revision

  • I write new policies, review and revise existing policies, and advise how to make the policies effective.

  • Example list of governance-related policies:

    • Bylaws

    • Code of Ethics

    • Board Member Agreements

    • Chairperson Position Descriptions

    • Committee Charters

    • Conflict of Interest Policy

    • Chief Executive oversight-related policies and procedures

Board Recruiting

  • Develop recruitment strategy

  • Facilitate succession planning

  • Write position descriptions

  • Provide board composition plans and tools

  • Screen candidates

Orientation of New Board Members

  • Develop and/or facilitate board member orientation

  • Create written orientation materials

Process Consulting

  • Help your organization attend to content, culture, and individual and group dynamics through attentive observation of the board and senior management’s communications (esp. meetings).

  • Revitalize the board: redefine purpose, set goals, adopt accountability mechanisms.

  • Plan and facilitate a board retreat.

Board Agenda Organization

  • Work with the Board Chair to develop an annual calendar and effective meeting agendas

Executive Director-Board Partnership Consulting

  • Facilitate performance assessment of executive director/CEO.

  • Role clarification advising

  • Provide guidance, support, and training for how board and CEO can successfully collaborate as leaders


  • Design and/or conduct board assessments (group and individual)

  • Facilitate performance assessment of executive director/CEO.

Additional Services

  • Corporate Groups

    • Educational Seminar: How to Impact Your Community and Your Business Through Board Service

  • Leadership and ethics seminars for nonprofit management and corporate teams

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Course offerings through nonprofit associations, funders, and service providers